Full time engineering and sales staff to supply new and reconditioned air cooled heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers and vessels for sale and lease. In addition, we provide refurbishment, repair, and modification of client's existing inventory.


At Tiger Industries Inc, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We work closely with oil & gas companies and petrochemical companies to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions that meet or exceed their expectations. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the competition.


We offer a wide range of oil and gas field equipment, including air coolers, vessels, shell & tube exchangers, and more. Our products are refurbished using the latest technology and the highest quality materials to ensure their durability and reliability. We also offer custom solutions to meet specific client needs. Tiger Industries, Inc. has a large inventory of high pressure units, for example; units with MAWP exceeding 1440 psig.